About us

“Ayvaz N” Ltd. has been registered in 2010 and is specialized in the field of producing and merchandising metalwork. Turkish and Bulgarian associates have founded it as a representation of the AYVAZ A.Ş. holding – www.ayvaz.com — www.ayvaz.com.

“Ayvaz N” Ltd. has its own production, warehouse and administrative building situated on 11700 m2 in the industrial part of Isperih town.

Собствена сграда на фирма Айваз Н ООД

“Ayvaz N” is equipped with the latest generation of automatic lines and welding semi-automatic machines for the production of flexible stainless steel hoses. The hoses’ ends are welded with female and male pipe-thread fittings (types: nipple – coupling nut or coupling nut – coupling nut).

The microprocessor controller of the machines allows high flexibility and precision in the production process. The results are being fully controlled to insure the impenetrability of the weld.

Собствена производствена база фирма Айваз Н ООДСобствена производствена база фирма Айваз Н ООДМетални гъвкави тръби, производство на Айваз Н ООД