Flexible metal hoses


The flexible metal hose is produced by welded stainless steel strip type 1.4301 DIN (AISI 304). The specially shaped profile insures exceptional radial strength and allows the hose to be bent without deformation and without reduction of the cross-section. Here is an example simulation of a hose DN 12mm at operating pressure of 1.6 MPa (16 bar). If you need to examine the the full report of the simulation, you can find it here.

a model hose DN 12mm at operating pressure of 1.6 MPa (16 bar)

The ends of hoses are welded with female and male pipe-thread made of carbon steel with nickel coating.

The produced types of hoses:

  • Type MF (Female – Male) – with a nipple male pipe-thread on one side and a female pipe-thread coupling nut on the other:
Тръба DN 12 тип "MF"

A model of a hose DN 12mm type "MF"

  • Type FF (Female – Female) – with a female pipe-thread coupling nut on both sides:
Тръба DN 12 тип "FF"

A model of a hose DN 12mm type "FF"

Application areas:

  • connection of tanks, batteries, toilets, bidets and other sanitary equipment;
  • connection of washing machines and dishwashers;
  • connection of boilers, radiators, heaters and other heating systems;
  • connection of solar heating systems and collectors;
  • connecting the tank with burners and heaters;
  • connecting gas-controller and natural gas burners;
  • connect domestic consumers and systems for natural gas;
  • connecting consumers of LPG low pressure;
  • connecting damper systems;
  • connecting the fire-water spraying systems (Sprinkler) in private and public buildings or offices.


  • longer service life, an absence of corrosion and need of maintenance;
  • maintaining cross-section (skip rate) regardless of the deflection of the tube;
  • compensation of angular and linear extensions in service;
  • absorbing noise and vibration;
  • resistance to heat and mechanical effects;
  • simple, economical and lightweight design;
  • fast and easy assembly and disassembly;
  • more than good looks, clean and shiny inner and outer surface, not changing the properties of the ongoing floid.

Technical data:

Conditional diameter DN; (mm) Thread diameter of the fittings R”, G”; (inch) Internal diameter of pipe d; (mm) Outside diameter of pipe D; (mm) Minimum bend radius of the tube r; (mm) Working pressure (Bar) / MPa Operating temperature (°C)
DN 12 ½” 12.2 16.2 25 6 / 0.6 80°C
DN 15 ¾” 15.6 20.4 25 6 / 0.6 80°C
DN 20 ¾” 20.9 26.4 30 6 / 0.6 80°C
DN 25 1″ 25.3 31.7 45 6 / 0.6 80°C

In 2016 been received a certificate EN ISO 10380 for DN12, DN15, DN20, DN25. According to EN ISO 10380 burst pressure of the hose is at least 4 times higher than the maximum (nominal) pressure.

The other sizes are available after receiving a written request by the client in advance.

Drawing of the hose DN 12 mm

Drawing of the hose DN 12 mm (click on image for PDF in a larger size).

Types of hoses produced by “Ajvaz H” Ltd.::

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